Communications/Wellness Advocate


A creative, intuitive communications and wellness advocate with a unique ability to ​connect the dots;  think outside the box;  embrace new possibilities and find solutions.

                With over 30+ years providing                       healthcare communications support,  both on the business front and home front,  I am  passionate about helping others visualize a mission; whether it's their own personalized yoga and meditation ​practice, or how to mindfully
jumpstart a new small business.  
                  My goal is to carry this vision in a positive light and raise the voice of that
                      vision to an appropriate decibel that will educate, empower and entice.
                       ​As a wellness ambassador, I have realized you can't have wellness without communication.      I pride  myself in bridging the gap between the two so that synergy & peacefulness can be present in  your mind, body and spirit and all that you pursue to do.  
                Meditative practice, yoga training and knowledge of the healing  arts leads me to  work
       closely with each client, whether they are an individual,  small business   or large entity. This combination  affords me the opportunity to provide the service best suited for the task ​at hand, uniquely tailored to  work with what resonates for you.

Peace begins within.


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